About Us

Agri Processing Services, LLC is a manufacturer, distributer, and marketer of the Parthenocarpic Flocculation Compound (PFC™), a patented non-ferric-based compound designed specifically to recover feed grade quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates (biosolids) from the processing and waste water generated at food processing facilities. Besides our knowledge in the recovery of high value feed grade quality biosolids, APS can also offer expertise and assistance in determining the nutritional value and an estimate of the economic value of the reclaimed biosolids relative to more common feed ingredients currently available on the market. Whether it is a simple bench-top jar test, a short-term full-plant evaluation lasting a few hours, or a longer-term full-plant test over a period of days or weeks, APS is prepared to assist your food processing group in determining the viability and value of utilizing PFC™ in your overall effluent management system. Contact us today to learn what APS and PFC™ can do to help you reduce costs and increase revenues. Let APS demonstrate how your food production system can be more eco-friendly, more sustainable, more green.